Regarding ski, we work with FISCHER and VOLKL, world-wide know for the quality they offer. Because rental skis need just one very important thing – endurance -, FISCHER and VOLKL developed new ways of manufacturing, which assure the durability of the products even in long daily use conditions, no matter the skier.

Ski Boots

A good pair of skis is useless without a good pair of boots. That’s why we choose NORDICA and to be precised, NORDICA Cruise They are very well known for a smoother, more precise and safer movement. It’s sure they convinced us!


For snowboarding we choose Burton and Nitro. Both american brands gatherd an enormous experience in crafting the boards, experience that now guarantees the resistance, quality and the inovative designs of the snowboards.

Snowboard Boots

Your feet confort will be maintained by Deeluxe boots. Easy to put on, ready to keep you warm, the Deeluxe boots come with a friendly tightening system, transforming your riding experience in an unforgettable one.

Helmet and Ski Goggles

Because we are concearned about your safety, our rental center offers you bouth helmets and ski goggles. Here, the variety of the products is the key in order to please even the ones that want to assort the colors of the products with their ski costume.


And for the ones that simply want to withdrew the experience of riding a sledge, we are happily waiting for them with our top quality plastic sledges. The sledges can come with cildren chairs.